Western Design

Getting the Right Western Design Pieces for Your Home

Getting the Right Western Design Pieces for Your Home

When you want to add western décor to your home, you don’t have to throw in a lot of big pieces you can start by adding color and texture.  You can use small decorative items that will make a big impact here are some way to add western design to your home without spending a fortune.

Mission Art

Mission art is associated with Western and Southwestern décor and you can get some incredible pieces for your home.  Mission art uses materials like wood and wrought iron for items like candle holders, decorative hurricane lamps and fireplace screens.  Made with simple designs and materials mission art brings a piece of the old west into your home.


Pottery is part of any culture and art movement and Western design is no exception.  You can decorate entryway tables or coffee tables with a beautifully fired piece of handmade pottery.  Incorporating a vase decorated in warm earth tones can add some Western motifs to any room.


A clock is a great decorative piece that will work great in either a dining room, kitchen or living room.  Western style clocks can be in the shape of arrowheads, or have a western background on the face of the clock.  You can also look for clocks with background of old west landscapes or animals.


You can choose anything from elaborate wrought iron chandeliers or simple table lamps to emphasize your western style home.  You can even get some really beautiful hand forged wrought iron lamps that use rawhide or pigskin for a shade.  Some of these shades have hand painted western style images on them.  You can have a subtle lamp on an accent table or go big and bold with a chandelier.


While a dreamcatcher is part of the Native American culture, it works very well with western style décor. You can put it in the window or hang it on the wall, it is a great conversation piece that can promote peace and pleasant dreams.  A good quality dreamcatcher will have beautiful bead work, feathers and high grade wool.


What western style home would be complete without some antlers hanging on the wall.  You don’t have to put an actual deer head on your wall but you can get a chandelier made from antlers or just have a sculpture that is crafted from antlers.

Western style doesn’t have to be over the top, you can incorporate small or decorative pieces to pull the look together.